Belt Storage Units

Belt Storage Units

Belt Storage Units

  • Available in single or multiple lap configurations
  • Capable of providing carriage travel in excess of 1 foot per second

Our belt storage unit consists of a bolted construction rail system, stationary pulley cluster, movable carriage assembly, and a winch assembly.

Designed for automatic operation

When belt is being added to the storage unit, the movable carriage travels down the frame assembly and activates drop-off carriages that are released at set intervals. This process continues until the storage unit is replenished with belt. As belt is removed from the storage unit, drop-off carriages are automatically retracted back to their original standing position.

Designed for easy installation and relocation

The rugged framework and carriages are substantial enough to withstand rigorous mining conditions and high tensions, but are also portable enough for movement between installations. For relocation, the winch and movable carriage are removed and frame is disassembled into sizes conducive to your mining environment. After re-assembly, the wire rope is re-attached to the carriage and the unit is ready to operate. Because of its modular design, additional labor for reducer/motor/winch realignment is not necessary prior to operation.

Designed for flexibility

Our belt storage units are available in single or multiple lap configurations. All-electric constant tension winches, used in conjunction with belt storage units, are capable of providing carriage travel in excess of 1 foot per second.

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