Belt Winder and Pinch Roll Drive

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Joy Belt Winder and Pinch Roll Drive

Belt Winder and Pinch Roll Drive

  • Simplifies and improves handling of your conveyor belt
  • Provides constant winding speed and pull to belt roll

Belt winder

The belt winder simplifies and improves the handling of belt when adding belt to, or removing belt from, your conveyor system. The belt winder incorporates a pinch roll drive arrangement that delivers a constant feed of belt to the winder.

The pivotal spool arrangement allows the spool of belt to be rotated 90° in either direction for removal from your conveyor system.  

Pinch roll drive

While the pinch roll drive was originally developed to work in tandem with our belt winder, it can also be used with numerous belt retrieval devices to add belt to, or remove belt from, your conveyor system at a constant rate of speed.

When used in conjunction with a belt clamp station, the pinch roll drive allows you to more easily spot splices for installation, replacement or repair of the belt. 

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