Continental Rebuild Program

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Continental Rebuild Program

  • Equipment rebuilds
  • Technology retrofits

When your Continental equipment begins to age and wear out, it is reassuring to know that many items can be rebuilt and returned to service. When compared to the cost of new equipment purchases, you can save both time and money with the Continental Rebuild program.

Technology upgrade evaluation

If your Continental equipment needs a technology retrofit, this can also be accomplished during the rebuild process. Your equipment will be evaluated as part of our rebuild program. If new components are available for your specific unit, we will give you the option to upgrade to the latest designs.

How the rebuild process works

After an initial evaluation of your existing equipment and a review of your individual requirements, requests for additional equipment features, and available technology retrofits, we will provide you with a specific rebuild estimate.

Upon approval of the estimate, the work on your equipment commences and proceeds along a designated schedule.

Not only will you get like-new performance out of your equipment, but you will get a like-new warranty on replaced components.

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