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Specialty Idlers

We offer several specialty idlers for unusual and challenging material-handling applications. The Tufkon™ idler, with PRO-ROLL™ idler rolls and coated frame, is designed for abrasive, corrosive material handling applications; the spiral idler is designed for sticky material handling applications; the Wobbler idler is designed to solve common belt training problems; and our grain idler is designed to offer protection for even the lightest belts.

-Tufkon™ Idler with PRO-ROLL™ idler rolls and coated frame

Moving abrasive, corrosive bulk materials by conveyor requires conveyor system components that are designed and constructed to withstand harsh environments. The Tufkon™ idler, with PRO-ROLL™ idler rolls and coated frame, offers an innovative solution that addresses some of the most difficult challenges in these environments.

The PRO-ROLL™ idler rolls utilize a 1020 carbon steel inner shell covered with a 1/2” high-density polyethylene outer sleeve. Roll ends are manufactured from non-corrosive, glass fiber reinforced, thermo composite with 6205 series double-sealed ball bearings. The end disc totally encapsulates the shaft and remains stationary during operation, thus reducing the possibility of rolls locking due to materials becoming wedged between the roll end and the frame.

The coated frame is resistant to most solvents and acids, making it suitable for mining and industrial applications handling corrosive materials. This application-specific product helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs through demonstrated significant extended useful life.

The Tufkon™ idler, with PRO-ROLL™ idler rolls and coated frame, is available for CEMA C applications with 5” or 6” diameter rolls in belt widths ranging from 18” to 60”.

Spiral idler

Our spiral idlers are designed to perform in even the stickiest applications. Their corkscrew design works to clean the conveyor belt and helps to control belt-training problems associated with installations handling sticky material. Key benefits include:

  • Self-cleaning, self-training spiral idlers solve many material build-up problems
  • Resists abrasion, corrosion, and gouging
  • Positive contact seals are designed to keep dirt and dust out, grease in
  • Simple removal and replacement
  • Smooth, catenary idler curve prolongs belt life
  • Urethane spiral outwears neoprene and natural rubber
  • Double-spiral design produces a positive cleaning action that continually cleans both belt and idler surface

Spiral idlers are available in belt widths of 18” to 48”.

Wobbler idler

The Wobbler idler is a return training idler designed to train your conveyor belt. A steel roll, centered on a 60 mm ball bearing, pivots when the conveyor belt moves off center and guides the belt back to allow for a more efficient operating conveyor.

The Wobbler idler also solves another common problem. Most training idlers have complex frames which accumulate so much material that the roll jams, causing possible de-training and damage to the belt. The Wobbler return training idler is held in place by two simple brackets with no framework to collect material. Lubrication can be accomplished from either side.

For sticky material or adverse weather conditions, the Wobbler idler is available with a ¼” urethane cover that is designed to reduce material buildup on the surface of the idler. The Wobbler idler is available in belt widths from 18” to 60”.

Grain idler

Our grain idler, featuring an offset center roll, is designed to offer protection for even the lightest belts. Grain idlers are available with 5” and 6” diameter rolls, 24” through 72” belt widths, and in 20-degree, 35-degree, and 45-degree designs.

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